What is Web Design?

In its most basic form, Web design covers the creation of any content viewed over the Web. According to Wikipedia, Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. (Wikipedia) The different areas of Web design include web graphic design, interface design, user experience design, search engine optimization (SEO). The modern Web design or Web development (I use these terms interchangeably) also involves server side scripting like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.

My Web designs are directed by my clients' business needs, processes and models, their online and offline sales and marketing initiatives, with primary focus on their targeted demographics and desired outcomes using, if necessary, the latest in responsive CMS technology. In a few words, I offer “target driven Web designs” to suit my customers' goals and budget.

The right tool for the right job
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Dan Cederholm made recently a very good point:

This is my favorite website.

I visit it almost every day. It’s not responsive. It’s not optimized for iPhone. It looks blurry on a Retina display. It doesn’t use the latest HTML5/CSS3 framework. It doesn’t have a thoughtful vertical rhythm. The fonts are nothing special. It is neither skeumorphic nor flat. It doesn’t have its own favicon. It doesn’t have a native app or Twitter or Instagram. It doesn’t use AJAX or SCRUM or node.js or Sinatra. It doesn’t have an API or an RSS feed or VC funding. It hasn’t been featured on a prominent tech blog or won an award.

It tells me the soups of the day...

Freely distributed, usable, presented in an aesthetically acceptable manner information that’s relevant to the person reading it. That’s web design.


For my work I adopted the famous "think globally and act locally" slogan and strive to offer an advanced and comprehensive suite of Web development solutions and the latest Web design trends to small and medium sized businesses, as well as individuals based in and around the Nottingham and surrounding area.

Ready Made Websites

Ready made websites

Ready made (template based) websites offer the luxury of getting a professional website up and running at a reduced cost and turn around time. Customers choose a template and then create content (images, audio, video, text) and colour schemes that match their needs. Template websites can range from approx. £50 to more than £500.

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Bespoke Websites

Bespoke webdesign

For those with the budget, bespoke websites could be a better option. Depending on the needs, a complete bespoke solution, from the design to the functionality of the site, is created. This process requires more time but has almost no limitations to what can be provided. Custom websites can range from approx. £500 to more than £10k.

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Already have a site?

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Are you using your website to its full capacity? If you aren’t, then you run the risk of losing some of your potential customers. Contact me if your website needs SEO, accessibility or usability optimisation, retargeting or conversion optimisation so you can take full advantage of your website and have successful online sales.

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My name is Igor. I have lived in Nottingham for many years. I am what people might refer to as a “workaholic” and I am also a freelance web developer.

Professional competence and skills:

  • UML, WU, UI, ID
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, R
  • Over 15 years' experience in Web development

Academic Qualifications:

  • De Montfort University, Leicester, BSc. Business Information Technology
  • Moscow State University, Russia, BA. Teacher of German Language

Current availability: Yes


There are lots of questions that arise when doing research for a new website. Below you will find answers to some of the questions I have been asked by prospective clients and associates. Please feel free to watch* my short video tutorials online or download the videos and transcripts for offline viewing. I hope you will find them useful.
* Coming soon!

Do I need a website?

Say Yes to your new website

The short answer is almost certainly "Yes". Today, more and more consumers use the Internet to search for the products or services they need. Web sites are like today’s business cards – in this day and age it is practically unprofessional not to have one. Without one, your potential customers will go to your competitors that do...


How to choose domain?

Alternative text

Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important things you will do when getting online. A domain name is anything which comes after the "www" in the main address bar. This can be almost any combination of letters, numbers, hyphens and usually ends with something like ".co.uk", ".org.uk", ".me.uk" or ".uk"...


How to choose hosting?

Free webhosting is not an option

Hosting is a type of "service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web... Many Internet service providers (ISPs) offer this service free to subscribers" (Wikipedia) But you know just like I know that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and you often have a price to pay for your "free" hosting...

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What kind of website?

Static vs. dynamic websites: which is better?

Take a closer look at competitors websites and also similiar industry type websites. Establish what you like about these sites, or what you don't like. Then go beyond the look of the site to establish what information and functions the site is offering. I think this research will be a great starting point for people who are thinking about creating their own online presence...


About online marketing

About online marketing

You need to join thousands of UK businesses that already understood that online marketing can’t be neglected anymore, and that you’re simply leaving good leads behind you, letting your competitors take them from you, literally from your hands! 97% of all consumers conduct a research online before making a purchase. You know and I know that sooner or later you’ll have to deal...


Further questions?

Your questions about web design answered here

I would like to thank you for visiting my site. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you ever have a question about Web design and development, about your website or if you’d like to see samples of my past work. No matter what your business or budget is like, I am confident and positive that I can design the perfect website for your Nottingham business.

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